The Gerda Spillmann Story

Gerda Spillmann as a young girl contracted chicken pox and was left with a number of pox marks on her face. Being uneasy with the marks, she instinctively began rubbing them gently, searching through her mother's face creams and found that if she used them when doing a circular massage around these areas that over a period of time the skin smoothed out considerably and gained a certain amount of tension, as with a new healthy skin.

When applying creams, she found that it was necessary to create warmth on the surface of the skin in order for the products to be absorbed properly. During her mid-teen years, she began experimenting with combinations of ingredients which would hold moisture within the skin and this resulted in the development of the Moisture Treatments. To emphasize the value of the Moisture Therapy Treatments or hydrophilic products, Gerda Spillmann used the example of an apple. An apple, unlike the skin, already contains a high content of moisture and this is retained by the apple because the outer peel has wax layer content. These are natural waxes which are produced by the apple and prevents evaporation of the internal juices. Using this same theory, the skin will absorb moistures such as water and ingredients from moisturizing creams.


Madame Spillmann also continued to do research and discover that it is most necessary to utilize specific regimes during the morning, evening, and night time periods of the day. In the morning, it is necessary to have the skin cleansed but most importantly it must be moisturized and protected so that it can withstand the various elements of the environment.

During the night time hours, it is vital that products to revitalize the skin. During the night time hours, the body and skin will accept ingredients 4 to 5 times more rapidly. These night time rejuvenator products include: R.A.O., Coronation AntiRides, Eye Region Cream. Plantoseramin Lotion, and Nail Elastic.

It is significant to note that all procedures are to be accompanied by a circular massage which exercises the surface of the skin and the muscles just beneath the skin, increases the temperature on the surface of the skin for more rapid absorption of the Gerda Spillmann products, and brings fresh blood supply to the surface of the skin.

Madame Spillmann began her product lines by releasing Bio Fond as the first marketable item. Her reasoning for releasing Bio Fond Cream Moisturizing Foundation first is which causes an immediate visual improvement to the skin. The latest is the new Prestige Energy Cream which causes immediate and long-standing affects to the skin.

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